Free Theory Tests

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The DVSA theory test is always evolving, trying different ways to test the knowledge provided by the Highway Code. Whether the question involves understanding the content of a picture, a video or a passage of text, the answer can be provided from a selection of multiple choice options.

The best way to pass is to keep practicing questions that test your understanding of the Highway Code.

Our questions database covers the entirety of the Highway Code. Some questions are specific to car drivers, some are specific to motorcycle riders. Selecting your vehicle from the above options will ensure that you will also be tested on some specific scenarios that vehicle may face.

Each vehicle option will select a random collection of these questions as follows:

  • The Short Test consists of 10 questions and is a perfect way to have a quick refresh when you are short on time.
  • The Full Test consists of 50 questions just like the real test.
  • The Signs and Markings Test consists of 10 questions and focuses purely on your understanding of road markings and signs.

If you get stuck on a question, you can skip it. The correct answers will be provided on the final screen when your score is added up. Just review the relevant category within the Highway Code and try the test again.